Glasgow Interactive Jobs Aren’t Jobs… They’re Opportunities!

In modern day society, it seems to be the case that lots of people are struggling to find stable careers for one reason or another, and they find themselves hopping from job to job with no real direction or career beginnings in sight. It’s no mystery as to why because we hear the same things across the board… “there’s no progression and I’m not learning anything”, “I’m given no responsibility”, “I don’t get recognised for my work”, “I’m not learning anything”

This is why, at Glasgow Interactive, we don’t make jobs, we create opportunities. 

So, why are we doing this? It’s simple. We are different from everyone else and our goal is to not only revolutionise our industry, but to help average people, with the above average desire to succeed, build strong, stable, long-lasting, successful careers. 

"There’s no progression and I’m not learning anything"

Glasgow Interactive offers a very strong progression structure and as part of a meritocratic business, you are in control. Each stage of our business boasts different teaching and training opportunities, including day-to-day access to our management course led by our senior leadership team, as well as the chance to meet with team members from our affiliated offices across the UK and to get involved in our  networking event “The Interactive Meet”. We put such strong emphasis on daily teaching and training, not only to enable progressive careers, but to put our 4 Partners; our Clients, our Customers, our Events and our Team, first.  

"I’m given no responsibility"

As you advance as part of the Glasgow Interactive team, your responsibilities increase in lots of different areas. You will have the opportunity to teach and train new and existing team members, as well as leading the way at our live events, and even managing and running our campaigns. We believe that increased responsibility gives average people, with the above average desire to succeed, opportunity to really take the reigns and become an asset to our business. 

"I don’t get recognised for my work"

We put a massive emphasis on recognition and positive reinforcement as Glasgow Interactive. Why? Well, not only does it feel great, but those who receive it, deserve it! We recognise hard-work and determination in many ways, one being our “Interactive Team Annual Awards Ceremony”, where we meet with everyone from our affiliated offices and show great appreciation to those team members who are doing a fantastic job for, and delivering quality to, our 4 Partners.

Do you think this opportunity is for you? Are you looking to begin a career in an industry on the brink of revolution? Write, call or email us to find out how we can help you build a successful career…

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Glasgow Interactive: “Giving average people, with the above average desire to succeed, an opportunity”

Glasgow Interactive’s 6 Steps to Becoming a Great Leader

Have you ever thought about the steps you can take to improve your knowledge and expertise in order to become a better leader within your business? At Glasgow Interactive, we believe that great leaders are the key to a successful business; they are good at not only sharing their expertise and insights, but also at teaching others how to apply that so they don’t make the same mistakes the leader did.

Here are 6 steps you can take right now to develop as a great leader:

1. Learn from the best…

If you’re following great leaders, then you’ll have a lot to learn from them in order to make yourself a better leader. Networking is important to develop, so find out what it is great leaders do, ask them how they became successful and apply it to yourself.

2. Break your comfort zones…

A lot of you who want to become better leaders probably know exactly what it takes to get there, but the reason you’re not a better leader right now is that you’re scared of those things. Anything that makes you uncomfortable WILL make you strong after you’ve achieved it; leaders become great because they break their comfort zones!

3. Believe that you’re a leader…

You love staying on the negative side of things, right? You’re not good enough at this, or strong enough at that. It’s comforting to know these things because it means you can’t fail. How can you fail at something you’re not even good at in the first place? If you already know you can’t do it, then it won’t be a surprise when you don’t. To become a leader, you have to believe that you are a leader and ACT like a leader.

4. Learn something new every day…

These days, things are changing by the minute. In order to maintain your leadership level of expertise and your ability to teach people things that will keep them from making the same mistakes you did, you need to be on top of everything. You can always learn something new every day by being a great student of your business.

5. Educate yourself…

In addition to following leaders who you look up to, and learning something new about your business every day, it’s also important to read, read, read! By reading business books, press and articles, you’ll be introduced to new strategies, new ideas, new resources and new inspiration. Keep the mind at work!

6. Build your relationships…

Building and growing your relationships will no doubt, 100% help you become a better leader. The more connected you are, the more people you have to bounce ideas off from and share feedback with, the better off you’ll be. You need support and motivation as a developing leader as much as those who look up to you do – network, conference, talk, the lot!

Don’t we all want to become better leaders?

What is the one major step you could take today to start your journey to becoming a great leader? To find out more about developing as a leader or to share the steps that you’re taking to become a great leader, contact the Glasgow Interactive team at

Glasgow Interactive: “Giving people the opportunity to build long lasting careers”